Thursday, February 25, 2010

இது நியாயமா?

On request from my dear NAGO! (Sounds wacky without the AN in NAANGO :))
Here comes a few, from my memories. This's all I have EVER written. May be a couple more! There ends that habit!

Gave two of this for school magazine! (Don't even remember, if it was published. I hate my poor memory...)

படைத்தவனுக்குப் பாலபிஷேகம்
பாரெங்கும் பஞ்சம் போக்க வேண்டி!

கட்-அவுட் ஆனது
வெட்டப்பட்ட மரம்
மர நடு விழாவிற்கு!

மரங்களை வெட்டி யாகம்
மழை வர வேண்டி!

- ஏதோ! என்னால்  முடிந்தது, அந்த பள்ளி பருவ வயதில்!


  1. good one anand.. keep writing.. I think you have it in you... you are not just trying..goodluck!!

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  3. I was thinking about asking you to write a blog on these kavidhais anna... and u've done it! :-* :-)

    And bro... they were published in our school magazine...!

  4. Hey i never knew u could write like these !! Awesome.. Keep it going !!

  5. @Sath: That's one persona of me that has been dormant for a really long while and now am back into writing da. Credits go to Nep & Gowri! :)