Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I love you!

Love - The most twisted word in recent Indian history, I guess.

Hardly anyone understands what it really means. For most people, it is just a trick of Hormones; is that relation between a teenage boy and girl! Is it!?
For the ones that have understood it, it means a great deal more than all these! 

Funny, is the way, the force that is so fundamental for perpetuation of life on the planet,  is misunderstood!

We're now driven by economy than by love - A complete tragedy! 
Money - It's the one entity that everyone wants today!
Those that speak about love are considered fools, saints, nuts, crack-pots, what not!

I pity the state our society is in, let alone the rest of the planet.

Parents - children
Teacher - student

So many pairs - everyone living every second, thinking what would the society think of me, if I did it? Did what? 
A Murder? No! 
It's saying out loud, 'I love you!'

Take a minute to think of this! Almost anyone or I would say Everyone does't hesitate to say -
 "I hate you!, F**k off".
"This relation ends here! Good bye"
We don't hesitate to hate others but to love them and even worse is to love them but not convey it in the name of decency.

Decency has a different meaning in India!

Dumping garbage on the road,
spitting in public,
getting drunk,
and the list is never-ending… for all this, you don't mind the public watching you!
But to convey your love even in private, the entire world's eyes are on you!  Funny, isn't it?

To kiss your loved ones is indecency but to piss off others is decent, eh?!

To have a brain and not using it to think is as good as not having it all!
Let us use our brains and let-go of the leash on our hearts!

To the teacher at school who lit this spark in me, saying, "I kiss my boy 'Good Night' every night, saying 'I love you!'"!
To you, my dear teacher, "I love you!"

Love every living being - plant or animal! - Avatar.
True! Try it and feel the change! 

All that is needed, is a cultural change!

To everyone, "I love you!"


  1. A girl who is in the starting of her teenage... is not allowed to stay close to her bro, himself.
    Ppl say she's a grown up girl and should maintain distance....

    What a place is this? Even a husband will not tell his wife in public "I LOVE U"... thinking what the ppl might think of him. Is there any restriction to express your love to your beloved's??

    Everything in this world depends upon love...
    Nothing happens without love....

    Atleast now... let ppl understand wat really love means...

    Love u bro!!!

  2. You are right anand, we need a cultural change.

    Love is the only word that says it all, but when people started using it wrongly.. the perception might have been changed I guess... When I say I love you.. I mean it... but I don't know how many among us are true to themselves...

    Love at teenage is good too.. only when the parties involved knows what they are upto and they should know.. its not just a infatuation... those who realized it sooner are like escaped from the false ones... I have seen people who started loving since their class 10 and got married and living happily.. and I have seen people who said they were loving for 10 years... got married after a big fight and then after a kid.. they are separate by divorce... IMO we cannot say people of certain age is good at knowing the difference of true love and the false... I hate to write it as true love and false one... 'coz LOVE is the only word.. that needs to be true, meaning full and that should complete you...

    This is why I used to say Feb 14 is not just lover's day... its a day to celebrate love... either it be love for your parents, brothers, sisters... friends... for that matter anyone... again a misconception and people started hating that day and in some places RSS or some party has started opposing it...

    Love is for those who understood.. its just another word in dictionary for others who really did not understand the meaning of it.

    Thanks for writing on this anand. I should have written a separate blog as a reply :)

    Will finish it of with a HUG to you.. for writing on such a wonderful topic. HUG... huh.. another misconceived word :-D

  3. @Nep: 'Hugging' was the next topic on the list followed by kiss - two good ways of expressing love :) BTW, Our Indians don't even smile at strangers! Maybe, as 'GO' said we need a 2012!

    @Sis: You're worrying about public! I am talking about the privacy, the couple share! :(

  4. Lovely! Awesome blog bro... Love, Kiss n Hug- 3 most beautiful things in de world...

    Love u dear bro!!
    (Hugs n kisses)

  5. @ash: I know who taught you that!! :) I envy your dad who still kisses you good morning and good night every day and night! Happy for you!