Sunday, June 17, 2012

White collar beggars

White collar beggars! That's an understatement. I couldn't find words to describe the low-lives that they are. I had to come up with something.. so I chose those three words! Readers, feel free to choose worse words if you can!

A bargain for money and sovereigns of gold along with something of immeasurable value - the partner for life. There's a lady in her prime twenties, ready to share her life with you for all eternity and you shameless, spineless invertebrate let your mom and dad deal the bargain on your part!

Is that how you start a life? Instead of a proposal with you on bent knees, there you are.. striking a deal with her on how much gold and cash she would bring along with her to start her life!

And this has now led to the culture where couples shun having a girl child - a liability - is all that they see her as. And in case the girl survived the attempts of murder as a foetus and was lucky to breathe air, the parents start spending their life to earn, putting together all they would earn in their lifetime and the earnings of the girl in her own profession, for the DEAL of marriage!

Has everyone forgotten that the girl is in no way inferior to the guy?! Have we all forgotten that without the girl being there, the guy would only forced to be gay?! Without the girl to share the life with him he would have to only live his life single forever with nobody. No kidding. At the current trend of sex-ratio in our country, with all the blind people who only want boys be born to them, we're only creating a future of a gay country. However funny and unrealistic it may sound, it's an undeniable truth. With the power of internet at your hands why don't you go and do some research to find out of how soon you son will become gay?! No offence to gay people. I respect them the same as straight ones. It's one to be gay out of choice and completely another to be forced to be one!

And our guys think they are clever when they say, "It's not me who's asking for it. It's only parents. I'm not able to convince my parents otherwise!". Ask you conscience if you ever have one, "Did you ask their permission when you decided to drink? Did you ask their permission when you decided to smoke, speed, party, take drugs?

Take a stand today! To not beg and be a real guy! A real guy is one who treats a girl as a girl! She's in no way inferior! She's got everything you got! In fact she's everything you're not too! Your other half! You are only complete with her - your other half. And when you should in fact pay for that, you're demanding!

And girls, take a stand today! To only live with a man not just a businessman! Only a real man sees you as who you are. Don't expect a businessman to see you as anything other than a commodity!

Thanks to Aamir Khan's words, that were the catalyst to write this post that I've been postponing for ever!

Take a few moments to listen to Aamir Khan's words here and don't miss the this entire episode of Satyamev Jayate too!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Call it a day!

What a way to start the Women's day

A beauty in saree crossed my way
She tagged along to the railway
Oh my! We parted ways at the subway!
If you believe in fate, then yes it has it's own way
Will she be lucky to bump into me another day!? :P

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Arranged Marriages

The concept of arranged marriages is quite funny..

All our childhood our parents teach us not to talk to strangers. But suddenly one day after we grow up, they ask us to sleep with one! :(

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Selective emulation

A friend of mine shared the following post and I've been postponing 'the reading' forever when finally today, I took time to turn a leaf (or click next-page) in my 'Read later' list.

We wish to emulate the west in aspects of 


but do we follow them in


We don't do our duties but need our rights. We expect the best from everyone but us! How stupid and unjust!

What an attitude!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Slap! :-(

Slap! Slap!! Slap!!! I imagined someone being slapped! But on a bus? Ok. I was dreaming perhaps...

"#!!@*@#^*@# @)@#$  @#$&@($( @($&@#$((&^!@!@"

Non-stop cursing and swearing. I couldn't understand what was going on.. until the woman blatantly questioned his action...

Turned out to be the guy standing next to me. Then it dawned on me! OMG!  Even in the wildest of my dreams I would never imagine a @#$@#% performing such sick acts.. that too in public. but there it had happened..

I walked home petrified... trying to digest the unfathomable depths to which people's morale has sunk... what has become of this great place, we claim has the best culture!

I am still lost in thoughts... thinking of the moments when some girls dear to me have complained to me of the acts they had to tolerate.. and when I gave them words of support to forget and move on.. I knew how hard it would be to move on... but this... no! I salute that woman for what she was!

If I, a guy who had not even been close to understanding what had happened is still being haunted.. I can only imagine the trauma that every woman is every day... every travel.. every dark alley.. every minute..

I have no words to express how i feel... I pray (first time in years) for women like her to be strong and survive in this sick place, fighting such animals..

@#$@% like him are the reason why a woman sees every man as only a threat.. a sick B!