Friday, September 30, 2011

A Memory that hurts my stomach! :)

Read the following in a Facebook post and nothing but one thought rushed to my mind when I read point seven - Sense of humor! And that thought, I shall never forget in my life!

* This is Student Life *
Definitions altered..:D
1- SPEED : Getting ready in 5 minutes
2- SHARING : Whole class copying one assignment but in totally different way
3- PRESENTATION SKILLS : Can present one answer in 5 different ways for 5 different questions :D
4- EDITING : Your report contains atleast 5 pages less than the person from whom you copied
5- MULTI TASKING: playing games on cell, sms to gf/bf, gossiping with seat mate, day dreaming, making teacher's sketch and still pretending that you are listening what teacher is saying.
6- ART : beautiful art on the last page of note book.
7- SENSE OF HUMOR : Provide best unintentional humour to teachers during Viva :D

8- CONSISTENCY : Once a Zero, always a Zero!
9- VOICE MODULATION : Attendence in 5 different voices.
10- STAMINA : Tolerating teacher for consecutive 1 hour :D
11- PERIPHERAL VISION: Staring at your crush, no matter where so ever he/she sits :D
12- HUMANITY : Failing and keeping the consistency of giving others a chance to top!:D
13- TALENT : Make whole class laugh no matter how tense is the situation.

Here it goes! Laugh till it hurts! :)

It was the first year at college. The nervousness of being a fresher, we all know it! Excitement mixed with expectations from the college, embarrassment from being ragged, anxiety in the labs, best of all - the one no one will ever forget is their first viva-voce!

Being computer science engineers, we had to take up practical examinations in electrical and electronics laboratory, the first semester along with some physics, chemistry and C programming.

It was D-day! The university exams were on! Day-1 - C Programming. Day - 2 Electronics/Electrical labs.

My dear mate as he had completed his implementation or rather wiring work at the electrical lab was summoned for viva voce!

After a couple of question on types of joints, the examiner tested my friend's knowledge at few of the basic laws.
Sadly, ( I feel sad for the examiner here...) his question was, "What's Ohm's law?"

Here's the conversation that followed! I am going to scribble it down in tamil just like how it happened, to give you the actual sense of it! :)

(E)xaminer: What's Ohm's law?
(S)tudent: V equals IR sir... ( with a sense of pride )

E: Adhu sari pa. Adhan enna? words'la sollu, I don't want just the formula.
S: Oh! OK sir! Voltage equals Current into Resistance.

E: Apdi illa pa. In proper scientific terms.
S: OK ok sir! It's Votage equals the product of Current and Resistance.

E: Haiyo apdi illa pa. I mean like.. 'Ohm's law states that... '
S: Sorry sir! Now I get it. Hmmm. 'Ohm's law states that, Voltage equals the product of Current and resistance'

The examiner... getting a little impatient..
E: Don't you get the point? Puriyudha illaya? Haven't you read the actual statement? How does it start? 'At constant temperature... '? School'a padikala?
S: Sorry sorry sir.. Now only I understand.. I'll tell it correctly this time. mmmm.. (And here he goes for the final time) 'Ohm's law statest that
E: Good!
S: Ohm's law states that, at constant temperature, voltage across a conductor equals the product of current and resistance'

(He he he!!! :D)

E: Thambi! Un peru enna? Endha dept?
S: (confused) CSE sir.

E: (In a pleading voice) Unaku idhu inimae theva illa dhan. Aana therinju vechiko.. Enna? ipdi'lam solla kudadhu!

(Confused. Honestly, not knowing why this was happening..! my mate comes out cool and narrates this to us and asks why the examier got confused!) :D :D

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

விளக்கம் தேவை

கடவுள் இருகின்றான், கடவுள் மனிதனைப் படைதான் என்றால் கடவுள் முதலில் பிறந்திருக்க வேண்டும்!
தமிழ் மக்கள் போற்றும் அக்கடவுள் தமிழ் கடவுள் என்கிறார்கள்!
அவன் கண்டதே தமிழென்றால் அவன் பண்பாடும் தமிழ் பண்பாடே!

அவனே இரு பெண்டிர் கொண்டானென்றால், 'ஒருவனுக்கு ஒருத்தி' தமிழ் பண்பாடென்று பாடுவதும் உண்மையோ?

"அது போன வாரம்!" என்று வடிவேல் சொல்வது போல் "அப்பண்பாடு போன யுகம். நான் சொல்வது இந்த யுகம்!" என்று நியாய படுத்தினால் 'மாற்றம் கொண்டதே பண்பாடு!' என்றறியலாம்!
அவ்வாறு இருப்பின் அதுவம் நேற்றைய பண்படாயிற்று!!!

இன்றும் நேற்றைய முகவரியை கொண்டிருப்பது அறிவற்ற செயல்!
பின் தமிழனின் இன்றைய பண்பாடு தான் என்ன?! அவனை தமிழனாய் காட்டிய தமிழும் இல்லை! பெருமையாய் பேசிய பண்பாடும் இல்லை! இதில் எது தான் மெய்?