Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Should we save the planet?

"See the world we come from. There's no green there.
They killed their mother. And they're going to do the same here" - Jake sully, Avatar.

An entire movie, 12 years in making, revolutionary technologies, Highest budget movie ever - one message - "Stop raping and start loving the planet"
How many of us notice that?

Here is just a part of the question to which I was not able to find an answer for at least 6 years!
A complex question -
'What is the need of the hour? How do I make people understand that we are in danger?'

Watched the movie, 'The 11th hour' by Leonardo dicaprio, last night. 

A simple but the right answer - 'Love'. 
Cameron too has conveyed just that!

The movie also had too many other answers for me!

So, What is the problem with the people?'
"The problem is fundamentally a cultural problem"

Another extract from the movie -

"People are really doing the best they can, given their level of awareness.
So to me, winning this battle
that we're in. . .
. . .to change people's minds and hearts. . .
is a matter of lifting levels of awareness."

So now, with all the buzz around us about climate change, global warming, blah… blah… what is the fact?

"At the end of the day, when we all talk about saving the environment. . . in a way it's misstated because the environment is going to survive.
We're the ones who may not survive."
The bottom line - Just as so many species have been born, lived and become extinct, we Homo sapiens, wise humans will one day be extinct.
The issue is, we have hastened the process and are taking countless species down with us! And we have done that in just HALF A CENTURY!
The planet WILL be here has it has been here for all the billions of years! It's just a matter of ourselves being here!

If you want to make a change, start by watching the movies, 'HOME' and 'The 11th hour'!


  1. Today, I saw water overflowing from a municipal tap. When I went to close the tap, a lady came shouting, "Why do u close it? The municipality is supplying 24hrs water. So there's no problem if SOME water leaks. The govt doesn't worry, so why are you worried?"

    I was not shocked by this question. This is the ignorance of the people here. Always blaming the govt for everything.

    I told "Save water not for me, but for your children" She dint mind and left the tap unclosed.
    I closed the tap and returned home, not knowing how to make these people understand that "The planet WILL be here as it has been here for all the billions of years! It's just a matter of ourselves being here! ".

    Its in our hands to save our earth!!!!

  2. almost everyone knows whats happening around the world... they complain about others...but they don't realize that they are contributing as well... since they think locally(like.. i still have the water and the govt is giving it) and also they think magnitude of the damage they are causing is negligible.. whereas its not... as I already said "Time is NOW". good post... keep 'em coming :)