Friday, April 16, 2010

Care to kiss?

A certain TV show, "Neeya naana?" telecast in Vijay TV has been discussing some real good issues of the society, recently - Healthy Relations with the opposite sex to The generation gap between parents and their children. The final conclusion, which most people fail to notice is just the same in whatever be the case!


When you fail to communicate, everything stalls! Be it with any relations - parents, children, siblings, friends, spouse, colleagues - anybody! And the most important thing that needs conveying is LOVE!

Words or actions - by any means, convey your love! Why hesitate to convey such a beautiful thing! Our society, a feudal based society, influenced by so many other societies has ended up with a culture that is not ours at all! 

What is considered dirty today, was beauty then! What better way to convey love than a hug or kiss? Two tabooed words in India today! Pity! (There's an even more tabooed word which would take centuries to change! Love!)

Let's start with the relation that's considered most divine!

A mom or dad kisses his/her kid daily till the kid is 5, 6 max 7 years old? What if the kid is now a boy or a girl or gentleman or lady? Has the parent's love depreciated? Has your touch lost that love? No!

You call staying away from your kid, decency? Culture? Funny some say, "THIS is culture"! This ain't  funny! This is tragic! :(

I see a family where a dad kisses his daughter (at least 22 years old) with a hug and she in turn only calls him with his name or 'da', the so called respect-less word in tamil dictionary (another impact of feudalism)!

On the other hand, there's another, where the dad hasn't even had an open-conversation with his daughter since the day, she's become a teen!

The latter would still claim he's got his love for his kid! "For whom else am I toiling to earn the bread?" Is that the way you communicate your love to your own kid? Is that the relation we need to have with our parents? How worse can it get?

Isn't this the first reason, most people love their friends even more than their parents? The latter kinda parent doesn't want his/her kid to be close to friends than to being with him/her (at least in their head & heart, they are possessive, though seldom communicated in words!)

Whenever this topic rolls out, my opponents, invariably conclude with a smirk, "This is codswallop! If you want, you start taking your kids in your arms & kiss them!"

Pity, even after being told of this nonsense, hardly anyone understands how we are letting LOVE drift away!

I hate to think of this but facts are always facts!
"LIFE is now built on economy than on moral values & LOVE"!

We hug our pets, not people! :(

We hug even a predator, not a love!
(Maybe the predator hug him more, than his people did!)

That's what failing to communicate can do! A tiger can seem to be better at spending time with than the (seemingly) dear relations!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a tragedy?

ஓரமாய் wholesale-ஆய் இருந்ததை
ஊரெல்லாம் retail-லில் வழங்கி வருகிறான்!
- நகராட்சி குப்பை வண்டி!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

அன்றும் இன்றும்!

நள்ளிரவில் அன்று
அடையாளமின்றி அலைந்தான்
அரசன் ஆண்டியாய்,
நாடு வளம் பெற... - நகர்வலம்!

நன்பகலில் இன்று
அப்பாவியின் அடையாளமழித்து
அலைகிறான் அரசியல்வாதி
தான் வளம் பெற... - ஊர்வலம்!

வளம் சேர்க்கவே வலம்!