Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dictionary of disparity!

Couple of days ago, the news read: Tamil Nadu govt. bans beggars! Come June 6, the rule comes to existence.

I wasn't relieved till I hear them say, "The govt is building rehab centres in the city to help this people. Effective or not, is another debate. But at the minimum at least that is guaranteed.

I thought the government was doing some thing good for those people until one beggar, with rage, asked the interviewer a question - "Why lock us against our will? We want the freedom that other citizens share. Are we terrorists? Even they roam free!"

         Another day, I pass by a Grand restaurant to see a dwindling guy who mustn't have had his bread for at least a couple of days, fiddling with his only property - a pair of worn-out footwear.

The same night, hot headlines: "Man with at least a ton of Gold and 1000s of crores of INR right in his house, apprehended! Imagine the money he must have invested elsewhere - white & black!

I wonder when we might understand what money is! What its purpose is! When we might not be indexed as the Dictionary of disparity!

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