Monday, January 16, 2012

Slap! :-(

Slap! Slap!! Slap!!! I imagined someone being slapped! But on a bus? Ok. I was dreaming perhaps...

"#!!@*@#^*@# @)@#$  @#$&@($( @($&@#$((&^!@!@"

Non-stop cursing and swearing. I couldn't understand what was going on.. until the woman blatantly questioned his action...

Turned out to be the guy standing next to me. Then it dawned on me! OMG!  Even in the wildest of my dreams I would never imagine a @#$@#% performing such sick acts.. that too in public. but there it had happened..

I walked home petrified... trying to digest the unfathomable depths to which people's morale has sunk... what has become of this great place, we claim has the best culture!

I am still lost in thoughts... thinking of the moments when some girls dear to me have complained to me of the acts they had to tolerate.. and when I gave them words of support to forget and move on.. I knew how hard it would be to move on... but this... no! I salute that woman for what she was!

If I, a guy who had not even been close to understanding what had happened is still being haunted.. I can only imagine the trauma that every woman is every day... every travel.. every dark alley.. every minute..

I have no words to express how i feel... I pray (first time in years) for women like her to be strong and survive in this sick place, fighting such animals..

@#$@% like him are the reason why a woman sees every man as only a threat.. a sick B! 

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