Saturday, May 1, 2010

Can't help? Don't be the hurdle!

"Remember, with more power comes more responsibility" - Uncle Ben, Spiderman.

"Most people shun liberty, scared to bear the responsibility"

For centuries, men have controlled women and probably in India, this concept was virtually invented. In the history of India, I repeat nowhere else but in India, the most horrific ritual we had was of "sati"where after her husband’s death, the wife/wives had to die along with the husband by sitting in his pyre and end her life in a painful (that's an understatement) way. She would be beaten mercilessly if she refused or tried to escape the scorching flames and then be burnt eventually. 

O ye ladies! Yes, you who have debated, blamed me of blasphemy when I asked you not to strip yourself,  after your husband's demise, off all the blossoms, the big smile, (you know the list) that adorn you! Here's something for you!

I have hardly seen any Indian woman who doesn't take pride in wearing Sintoor (குங்குமம்)! So to you all here's a fact!

This sintoor which then contained the harmful lead was introduced in the Hindu culture where mothers rubbed it on their daughter's head so that over repeated use she would develop the dreaded disease (now categorised as cancer) and will die before her husband hence avoid being made a sati. 

(Now that's the kind of souvenir I wouldn't feel proud, carrying around!)

No one's got you in shackles anymore! If you don't use the freedom that you are entitled to and are happy to be the same old Indian woman and still call every man on earth a heartless monster, it's beyond contempt! 

"If you won't help yourself, simply no one can!"

Though women agree or not, every man knows, it's only women who don't let other women rise.

Some doctrines that still prevail:

1. Women are not supposed to have dreams of life.
2. Women are to make the house, a home.
3. If you let go off yourself & follow your heart, you are a sl*t! ( Sorry, can't help it. I wanted to convey the meaning!)
4. You can't dream, let alone pursue them.
5. You were built to bear kids.
6. You can't choose your spouse! (That's ridiculous. Who's gonna live with the man? The chooser? :))
7. (I can't list it anymore... It might sound you-know-what!)

Let's face it. We say women are growing to the heights of being entrepreneurs. Last I saw, in this part of the country at least, even those women are 'wives' at home - Not a human being of equal status.

I have seen mothers 'disciplining' their daughters to become wives. Pitiable though, it's acceptable and agreeable, taking into consideration the era they come from. I am shocked to see the same principles still being followed by the so called new-age ladies - even fellow same age girls, looking at with disgust at others who are brave enough to leap off their feet.  If you can't 'live' (or never comprehend what it is), let others who want to! 

You can be conscious of the society! But not at the cost of your own life!

Then, it is never life! After all, Life is to Live!

(Dedicated to all men who wanted to convey this & all women who want to LIVE their life)


  1. great post! I liked the writing... Not just men are being a block for women.. women themselves be a block... their ideologies have to change... it won't just come with 33% reservation but it has to come from their heart. Hope women stand up for what they want, what they believe in.

  2. @Nepo: Reservation is all just eyewash! As we discussed, it's not an excuse. It doesn't matter for those who are determined! It's just a jar of crabs with each pulling the others' legs and none winning it's way out, that we are talking about!